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Covering rubber Hypoallergenic for a playground
  • Covering rubber Hypoallergenic for a playground

Covering rubber Hypoallergenic for a playground

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New rubber covering — unique material for comfortable rest (in application for playgrounds), sports (in application for sports a ploshchdok) and an upclassing of territories (for paths at dachas, parks and recreation areas).

Today the majority of places of active recreation, attractions, children's towns, sports grounds and walking sidewalks are equipped according to security measures of vacationers. Not the last place is given also to an esthetic component here. Therefore the covering rubber among other materials for registration of these territories enjoys special popularity.

Scope of coverings from a rubber crumb:

1. Sports grounds both the open, and closed type
2. Children's playgrounds
3. Laying of a covering on at basin territories
4. Sidewalks, walking paths, garden paths
5. Floor coverings in garages, warehouse
6. Ladders, ramps, steps.

Open sports areas -

— Game children's platforms -
— Tennis courts -
— Running paths -
— A covering around the pool -
— Pedestrian zones and paths -
— Blind areas around a cottage -
— Coverings of rooms where animals contain -
— Children's playgrounds, platforms of a landing of children's attractions, a covering around benches in parks, on game zones, recreation areas, entrance groups, walking paths, etc. -
— Workplaces at the enterprises, paths in the foyer, on slopes, in shower rooms, on balconies, in locker rooms, on ladders -
— Tennis, soccer fields, sports grounds for badminton, hockey, baseball, the American soccer, the platform for run and jumps -
— A covering for production and warehouse rooms - floors in garages, car services and car washes - rooms for keeping of animals, in places where the strong, anti-sliding, waterproof and wearproof covering is necessary -
— Ladders, paths, biases, slopes, pedestrian bridges, sidewalks, steps of ladders, platforms. Any surfaces which can become damp or slippery and on which it is necessary to provide protection against sliding -
— A covering for decks of the ships, motor ships, yachts, moorings, pools, etc. surfaces where it is necessary to provide a waterproofing of the basis and an antiskid surface.

Rubber coverings are convenient in leaving — - they are easily cleaned practically from any kinds of pollution and keep an attractive look throughout the long period of time.

Rubber coverings for playgrounds have to possess a number of operational qualities. And among them injury prevention and ecological safety are key. Rubber coverings are a unique example of a combination of these and other characteristics. Coverings from a rubber crumb, thanks to a soft, rough surface possess high injury prevention. Falling on a rubber covering does not lead to grazes and injuries. The covering does not crumble, and in it completely there are no materials unhealthy your children.

Such combination of characteristics does rubber coverings by very popular type of coverings. For example, elasticity and lack of sliding allows to lower injury risk considerably. The porous, safety covering similar to a bright color carpet, well passes water, on it there are neither pools nor dirt meets all European requirements for safety at playgrounds. Width of color scale depends on the used color crumb, and drawing — on imaginations of the artist to which there can be also a child!

Unlike sand or granite elimination of a covering from a rubber and rubber crumb do not need leaving or completion of expendables. Weeds or a grass cannot sprout through this product. The covering for a playground can be laid as on the firm basis (asphalt or concrete), and on the prepared semifixed basis — a layer of the condensed crushed stone and granite elimination, but in this case thickness of a covering there have to be not less than 15 mm.

The rubber covering is hypoallergenic and udaropogloshchayushchy. A range of application of such coverings the most various - from professional tennis courts to sidewalk paths, stables, territories around pools, garages, terraces, shooting galleries, production rooms, and other objects where it is required the anti-sliding, noise-attenuating materials.

Coverings are incredibly steady against cuts (skates, thorns, hairpins), possess spatial stability and do not shrink after laying. Rubber floors are steady against oils and greasings, do not react with liquids (the spilled gasoline, oil, acids, solvents). Due to the elasticity cuts and teases to a rubber covering are not terrible, instantly "drag on".

Depending on estimated loading, the covering can be laid on the sandy, concrete or asphalt basis. The coefficient of friction of this covering both in damp, and in dry conditions far exceeds similar characteristics of concrete, asphalt or other usual surfaces, thus, minimizing risk of damage.

Coverings are capable to resist to long adverse weather conditions. Maintaining temperature condition from-60 to +80 (it is short-term to +110), hypoallergenic coverings can be used during the winter period as the basis under a skating rink.

Water penetration allows to use this type of coverings for the open areas and stadiums because in 15-20 minutes after a rain or damp cleaning the surface will be absolutely dry. Resistance to differences of temperatures allows to use this covering for the open areas which are visited all the year round.

Rubber coverings in certain cases can be the only option for creation of a reliable and durable floor covering. A rubber covering - ideal option for run in studded footwear. The covering from a rubber crumb for playgrounds is the best of all to stack it on a firm surface (asphalt or concrete).

The executed in various color scale, rubber covering for sports grounds can be single-layer, for example, for racetracks, or multilayered, for example, for athletic fields. Covering cost together with work is more expensive than the cost of asphalt of everything by 2-3 times.

Coverings for playgrounds

It is durable because a rubber crumb from tires — - the most qualitative and strong rubber possessing high wear resistance. The covering to be made several flowers, the most popular dark green and terracotta (or brick), less dark and claret, black and gray, also on one platform it is possible to make a combination of flowers. This covering is suitable for playgrounds and sports grounds for children.

The main destination of a covering — - improvement of domestic territories. The covering is very strong: it is not broken off, does not crumble, does not lag behind the basis. Reliability and simplicity in laying — - the first advantage. The second obvious plus - consumer characteristics. A children's covering despite the undoubted durability and durability, very soft and elastic, smooth, elastic. On it it is not sick to fall, if you fall, then you will not hurt and you will not be wounded.

The covering from a rubber crumb — - the best covering for schools, the structure reminds a sponge, and at a right bias of the basis it replaces difficult drainage system. Water passes through our covering - as a result on a surface there are never pools! It is very convenient, it is possible to play on the domestic platform right after a rain now! Also on a covering the garbage does not accumulate. And if it also appears, then it is very simple to remove it with a powerful pressure of water or the usual broom. At playgrounds with a soft covering do not sprout weeds, animals do not use the platform as a toilet. Sports playgrounds with a rubber covering can be several flowers: dark green, claret and brick. And not the finished product, but a rubber crumb, at a preparatory stage is painted. Colors it is possible to combine, spread various drawings or to allocate game zones on sports grounds. Covering paint resistant to influence of an ultraviolet.

Covering for racetracks and open stadiums:

The covering passes water, it not slippery right after a pouring rain. Reasonable price of a covering allows to use rationally allocated money.

Sports grounds with a rubber covering become not only beautiful, but also safe and comfortable for trainings.

Hypoallergenic sports coverings not only protect athletes from injuries are economic in laying, leaving and use. They are applied both in the enclosed space, and on the street.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 31.05.2021

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